Screening creators effectively

Best practices for screening creators on your campaigns


Finding the right creators for your campaign is no easy task. Luckily, Insense provides many tools and features to help you achieve this goal. Here are some tips that will help you manage this process efficiently:

Use the screening question in your brief

Especially if you are looking for creators with a specific requirement, the screening question can be a very helpful tool. Let’s say for example you are looking for parents of kids under 10 years old, you can use this feature to ask creators how old their kids are and filter the ones over 10 years old out easier once they apply.

Here's a detailed guide on How to use screening questions?

Check their Insense profile

Once you have creators applying to your campaign, the Insense profile is the place where you can find more detailed information and statistics of the creator, so this is a must for every screening process.

Check their portfolio

What better way to see if a creator is a fit for the type of content you want them to create than actually samples of their past work? On top of that, the portfolio will sort it based on the type of video (e.g. testimonial, unboxing, review, etc.) and the type of product (e.g. beauty, sports, fashion, etc.).

Check the creator’s rating and badges

We always recommend working with creators with good ratings and badges. These creators are not only experienced on the platform but also have gotten good feedback from other brands that work with Insense.

Ask on the chat

If you already did everything listed above but are still uncertain about whether to hire this creator, remember you can talk directly with them via our chat and ask any questions pertaining to the collaboration to ensure both you and the creator are on the same page before starting to work together.

Screening Creators based on your Campaign Type

It's true that Content Creators are not one-size-fits-all, and the perfect match for a "Just Content" campaign might not be ideal for an "Organic Posting" one. That's precisely why we've prepared comprehensive guides on how to screen Creators for each campaign type:

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