How much should I pay creators?

Our guidelines on how much creators.


Content creation can have different prices depending on your campaign goals, industry, platforms, number of creatives, posting or no posting, level of complexity, and metrics.

In this quick guide, you will see how to put a price range to pay each creator of your campaign, as well as the main factors that impact Influencer pricing.

Adding your desired price range

Once you set a price range, creators will not be able to apply to the campaign with a price outside that range. A creator can apply for the maximum price that you have selected, but you can still negotiate with the creator and pay a different amount, as our product allows negotiation.

You can refer to our Creator Cost Recommendations to see our suggestions on the cost of 1 asset per creator based on their following count, type of partnership (just content or posting included) and platform.

While looking at our Creator Cost Recommendations, you will see how it is divided by platforms: Instagram and TikTok, as each of these marketplaces behave differently.

Then the pricing recommendations will be based on the following count. Under each platform you will see a range of following counts and next to that the recommended prices to be paid per video, per creator.

Moreover, prices will change depending on the following criteria:

  • You just need content

  • You need content and also posting on the channels of the creators

  • You need content, posting on the channels of the creators and running ads behind their handles (Partnership Ads on Instagram and Spark Ads on TikTok).

Other factors to consider when deciding how much to pay creators include following and engagement rate, number of assets, type of content, and niche categories.

Let's dive into each of these in a little more detail.

Factors to consider

Following and Engagement Rate

The higher the following and Engagement Rate of a creator, higher will be the price to be paid for each content request. One note to consider is that usually as the following count increases, the Engagement Rate decreases.

The number of assets and Type of content

The pricing guideline attached to this article is based on 1 video per creator. When choosing more than one video, the pricing should also increase accordingly

The type of content can also affect prices. Are you looking for a static image or video content? How much extra editing will be involved? Will they need to shoot at a location? The nature of the content, as well as any extra production costs, will need to be factored into overall payment. We suggest increasing the price to be paid for content that requires extra effort and preparation.

Niched creator categories

Another key factor that affects influencer pricing is niche. It’s likely that industries where influencer marketing is very popular (beauty, health and fashion) will charge less than more niche categories. In our experience, creators belonging to very specific categories such as outdoors, business & entrepreneurship, CDB as well as +35-year-old creators, expect higher payments (at least 30% more of our pricing guidelines suggestions).

Want to learn more about how much to pay creators? Check out our blog article How Much Do Content Creators Cost?

Pricing Guidelines for each Campaign Type

As mentioned before, your campaign use case highly impacts the price of the collaboration. With this in mind, we also prepared guides for pricing guidelines for each campaign type:

What's Next?

The next big step in your Campaign journey, is to chat and negotiate the details with the Creators. For this, Insense has you covered with a convenient built-in chat feature, making communication with creators a piece of cake.

Check it out in our next article:

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