Negotiating prices with creators

Tips to negotiate pricing with Creators


When negotiating with creators, it is important to know the characteristics of both the brief and the creative assets and how these might affect their offering price versus the price that we counter-offer with.

The biggest factor that affects pricing is the type of collaboration (type of brief):

  • Just content / UGC: Which is usually the cheapest, considering creators only have to create the videos and deliver them.

  • Organic Posting: Which is more expensive than “just content” since on top of creating the asset, the creator also has to post it on their social media.

  • Whitelisting / Spark Ads: Which is the most expensive, it includes permission to run ads on the creator's handle and may include the requirement to post on social media as well, which will also affect the price.

Besides that, other factors that can affect the price are:

  • Brief complexity: Which has to do for example with video length, number of assets and whether the creator has to come up with the script themselves.

  • Creator’s experience: Overall technical quality, know-how of shooting UGC videos, ability to engage with the audience, editing skills, etc.

  • Audience quality: Determined by the engagement on their social media pages (likes, comments and shared) and what their followers are saying in the comments.

  • Reach/views: The size of their audience and ability to reach people through their content. Also, having some viral content is a big plus.

  • Creator’s niche: Demographics, professional field, industry and geography of the creator have a major impact on pricing.

References and Guides

Here are some reference for prices on the platform:

For Just Content / UGC:

For Organic Posting:

For Whitelisting / SparkAds:

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