Pricing guidelines for Organic Posting campaigns

Deep dive into how pricing works for Organic Posting campaigns


There are key factors that impact pricing when working with content creators for Organic Posting campaigns. Some of these are:

  1. Creator's Audience: The size and engagement of the content creator's audience also affect pricing. Creators with larger audiences or a significant number of views/reach have the potential to expose the content they produce to a wider audience. This broader exposure can provide more value to clients, leading to higher pricing. Additionally, if the creator's audience is highly engaged, meaning they actively interact, comment, share, or convert into customers, it demonstrates the creator's ability to influence their audience effectively, which can also impact pricing.

  2. Complexity of Content to Produce: The complexity of the content plays a significant role in determining the pricing. If the content requires extensive editing, multiple deliverables (such as different versions or formats), or additional production elements like special effects or animations, it can increase the workload and time invested by the content creator. As a result, the pricing may be higher for more complex projects.

  3. Creator's Expertise: The level of expertise and skill possessed by the content creator can influence the pricing. Highly skilled creators who have a strong portfolio demonstrating technical proficiency, creativity, and attention to detail often command higher rates. Their ability to produce high-quality content that meets or exceeds client expectations is valued and reflected in their pricing.

  4. Creator's Niche: The specificity of a content creator's niche can influence pricing as well. Creators who specialize in a particular demographic, geography, professional field, or industry possess specialized knowledge and expertise. Their understanding of the target audience and ability to create content tailored to specific requirements can be highly sought after, potentially leading to higher pricing.

  5. Type of organic posting campaign: Prices may vary depending on the type of campaign you are running, for example a product seeding campaign may lead to a lower price compared to a commission per sale or fixed price campaign.

Pricing Guidelines

Based on data gathered from a high volume of collaborations on the platform, we will share a couple of formulas that will help you calculate an accurate pricing for your organic posting collaborations:

On Instagram:

On TikTok:

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