How to screen influencer for Organic Posting campaigns

Deep dive into how to screen creators for an Organic Posting campaign


When choosing a creator for “Organic Posting” Campaigns brand affinity is still important, however, your main focus should be the creator’s social media statistics as well as those of their audience.

You can see a creator’s metrics for their social media inside their Insense profile and by checking their social media profiles.

Key metrics recommendations

Here are our recommendations for the key metrics that you will want to pay attention to:

For Instagram Creators


The number of followers a creator has displays their ability to capture and engage an audience as well as maintain a community. We recommend hiring creators with at least 2000 followers.

Real Followers

We recommend ensuring the percentage of real followers in their audience is 65% or more.

Engagement rate

Based on the audience, we recommend an ER rate of:

  • 4-8% for nano-creators (less than 110k followers),

  • 2-4% for micro-creator (between 10k - 100k followers), and

  • >1.5% for macro-creators (more than 100k followers).


Check if the comments on the creator’s posts come from real people, and look at how their audience reacts to branded content.

Followers vs following

Take a look at the followers-to-following ratio. We suggest a following that doesn't exceed 30% of the number of followers.


Total number of unique profiles that have seen the creator's Instagram posts or stories. We recommend checking both stories and posts.

Average reach of IG Stories

  • Nano-creators: 7-8%

  • Micro-creators: 2-6%

  • Macro-creators: >2%

Average reach of IG Posts

  • Nano-creators: 20-25%

  • Micro-creators: 11-18%

  • Macro-creators: >10%

For TikTok Creators

Median views

This number will show approximately how many people will see your content on the creator's account. We recommend choosing creators with at least 1-5k median views.

Engagement rate

The average number of interactions a piece of content receives per follower. We recommend putting a filter of at least 6-8% of ER.


Check if the comments on the creator’s posts come from real people, and look at how their audience reacts to branded content.

Frequency of posting

Keep in mind that a good TikTok creator will be consistently posting at least a few times a week, and won’t disappear for months.

Once you have found the right creators for your campaign, the next step is to start chatting with them to agree on the finer details of the collaboration.

You can read more about communicating with creators in our article “Chatting with creators”

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