How to screen creators for Creator Ads campaigns

Deep dive into how to screen creators for a Creator Ads campaign


When choosing a creator for Creator Ads campaigns we recommend searching for creators using similar parameters as organic posting for both TikTok and Instagram.

For creator licensing you will have full control over the audience that will see the ad, so the creator's audience quality isn't as important as with organic posting. However, by using similar parameters you can check the creator’s credibility.

Key metrics recommendations

Here are the metrics we recommend when choosing a creator for Creator Ads campaigns

Engagement rate

The average number of interactions a piece of content receives per follower. We recommend putting a filter of at least 6-8% of ER.

Median views

This number will show approximately how many people will see your content on the creator's account. We recommend choosing creators with at least 1-5k median views.

Brand affinity

Choose creators who are relatable to your product and would be likely to buy it in real life. Look for creators with strong on-camera presence: voice, emotion, and energy.

Industry experience

Prioritize those who have experience producing content in your industry.


We recommend ensuring the creator has at least 5K followers, ensuring at least 65% are real followers.

The next biggest thing to pay attention to is:

  • Brand affinity;

  • Quality of content;

  • Experience.

Ask yourself:

  • Do they fit the vibe of the brand and product?

  • Will our target audience relate to them?

  • Are they believable?

Once you have found the right creators for your campaign the next step is to start chatting with them to agree on the finer details of the collaboration.

You can read more about communicating with creators in our article “Chatting with creators”

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