The Creators Marketplace

A detailed look at the Creators Marketplace


The Creators Marketplace is your destination to discover our Insense Creators, each listed with their respective average prices. Dive into our thriving community of over 20,000 Creators, and extend invitations to the most fitting candidates for your campaign.

To make it easy to find the Creators you're looking for, you can filter the list by platform (Instagram or TikTok), location, category, age, gender, ethnicity, price, engagement rate, badges, and search them by username, full name, bio or hashtags:

Here's an article that can assist you in choosing the ideal creators for your campaign: How to choose the right creators for your campaign

Each Creator will be shown in the list as a thumbnail, with useful links and shortcuts:

You can find more details about "Creators List" in this article: Custom Creator Lists

Inviting Creators to a Campaign

While in the Creators Marketplace, you can select the ones you find the best fit, and add to your invitation list. To do so, simply click on the "+" in the top-right corner of their thumbnail.

If you have opened the Creators Marketplace via the left sidebar shortcut, your invitation list will prompt you to create a new campaign, and the selected creators will be invited automatically.

However, if you have opened the Creators Marketplace via a Campaign Dashboard, by clicking on the button "Invite Creators", the invitation list will prompt you to send the campaign brief to the selected creators.

Now it's up to you! Check out the Creator's Marketplace and explore thousands of amazing Creators eager to start a new collaboration.

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