Campaigns Dashboard

A detailed guide about the features on the Campaigns Dashboard


The campaign dashboard is the control center for your campaigns. From here you will be able to take any campaign specific actions and chat with the creators.

Let’s dive into some of the main features on the dashboard.

The first thing you will see when opening up the dashboard are all the details about your campaign; the campaign name, the brand name, the brand logo and the platform.

The next feature of the dashboard which we will explore are the different tabs; Invited, Applicants, Hired, Archived, Shopify and Performance.

Invited Tab

The first tab is the invited list. Here you will find all the creators that have been manually invited to your campaign but have not yet applied.

Please be aware that this tab does not encompass all the creators who were automatically matched to your campaign. In fact, for a "Public" campaign, the pool of creators meeting your criteria and having the option to apply is considerably larger than those who are manually invited.

The price you see in this tab for each Creator, is not the price they are offering for your campaign, but their average price on the platform.

And you can filter the list by the status of the invitation:

Unsent: When the brief has not been sent to the creator;

Unread: When the brief has been sent to the creator, but they have not read it yet;

No Response: When the creator has received and read the brief but has not responded to the invitation;

Not Interested: These are the creators who have responded that they do not wish to participate in the campaign.

Applicants Tab

Moving on to the Applicants tab, this section contains a list of all creators who have applied to your campaign, including those manually invited and accepted.

The key distinction between the Applicants and the Invited tab is that every creator listed in the Applicants tab has demonstrated a genuine interest in participating in your campaign. The prices displayed in this tab reflect the actual fees they are requesting to participate.

It's possible to filter the list of applicants in a campaign by their responses to your screening questions, to swiftly find the best fits.

Hired Tab

The next tab is the Hired tab. This includes all the creators you have hired to produce content in your campaign. Again, you have the ability to search by creator handle, filter favorites and by badges, but there is a key difference: the creators are sorted depending on the stage of the collaboration.

You can filter the creators by the different stages by clicking on the dropdown menu, which is set to “All Statuses” by default.

There are 4 campaign stages; Content Creation, Content Review, Posting and Completed.

Content Creation: These are the creators that have been hired for your campaign. They will remain on this stage until content is submitted on their end.

Content Review: This new stage contains all the creators that have already been hired and have submitted content for revision. They will remain on this stage until the content is approved.

Posting (if the campaign requires): This is the list of creators whose content has already been approved for posting.

Completed: This is the final stage, which compiles the list of creators who have already finished their collaborations and have been paid.

Multiple Filters and Creators Badges

In most of the tabs, you can use multiple filters to narrow the list and find the exact Creators you're looking for.

Hovering the mouse over each option will give you a brief description of it.

You can filter your creator list by the specific badges which creators have earned. Creators can earn 4 badges on Insense:

The “Rising Talent” badge: This badge is awarded to up-and-coming new creators on the platform who have completed deals with a consistently high rating from brands.

The “Top Rated” badge: This badge is reserved for our most experienced creators who have consistently completed collaborations with a high rating from brands.

The “Highly Responsive” badge: This badge will help you identify which creators have a higher response rate, plus have a much higher chance of replying within 1 hour, based on data collected from this creator’s past collaborations on Insense.

The “UGC Expert” badge: This badge will be awarded to creators based on their ability to produce quality UGC. This will be a combination of the content seen on their creator portfolio, plus the content delivered by the creator on past collaborations on Insense.

Archived Tab

The archived tab is where you can find all the creators that you have decided not to work with on a specific campaign.

You can hide a creator and move them to the archived tab by selecting the hide icon on the creator’s card from the campaign dashboard:

You can restore a creator from the archived tab by clicking on the restore icon on the creator’s card in the archived tab:

Shopify Tab

For campaign where shipping is required, you can connect your Shopify store into our platform, to easily manage and create orders for the Creators you hired.

You can read more about this feature here: Shopify Integration

Performance Tab

The performance tab is where the statistics of the creator’s posts in Organic Posting campaigns will be displayed once the collaboration is completed.

From this tab, you can monitor how the creator’s posts are performing and also download a CSV report with details for each post

Here's a guide that explains all about Organic Posting Results.

Additional Options

Invite Creators

This option will take you to our creator marketplace, where you can choose creators from our community of 20,000+ to invite participating in your campaign.

Check out this article to learn more about The Creators Marketplace and how to invite Creators to your campaign

View Brief

This option allows you to view your brief, so you can review the details and requirements when needed.

More Actions

The 3 dots button will open a list of options which you will find useful when managing your campaign.

Receive email notification: This option allows you to toggle all email notifications for this campaign on or off.

Receive Applications: This allows you to toggle between receiving and pausing applications to your campaign.

Duplicate Campaign: This will create a duplicate of the campaign, which you can then edit and send to review. This is useful when you want to start a similar campaign but don't want to fill out the brief again from scratch.

Note: The campaign will still need to be sent for review and approved by our team before it will be active.

Send Brief to creators: This option will send a copy of the brief to the creators you added to your campaign with an invitation to apply.

Download Creator List: This will download an Excel file with information about all the creators in your campaign such as creator handle, platform, gender, average bid price as well as following and engagement stats. More details here.

Download Shipment info: This will download an Excel file with the shipping information for all the hired creators in your campaign. More details here.

Close the campaign: Selecting to close a campaign will send a request to our team, who will check that there are no outstanding collaborations before closing it. More details here.

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