How to screen UGC creators

Deep dive into how to screen creators for a Just Content campaign


As we mentioned before, when selecting creators for UGC or “Just Content” campaigns, it is important to focus on the quality of the content the creator produces.

For the best results, you’ll want to:

  • Look for creators with strong on-camera presence: voice, emotion, and energy.

  • Prioritize content quality and aesthetics.

  • Choose creators who are relatable to your product and would be likely to buy it in real life.

  • Prioritize those who have experience producing content in your industry.

Insense has some features that make it easy to find creator’s with the requirements listed above.

Creator Portfolio

The creator portfolio contains videos of the creator’s past work, which you can browse through to get a better understanding of the type and quality of the creator’s content. This will also allow you to see the creator’s camera presence and energy.

You can access the creator’s portfolio in 2 ways:

From the creator’s card in the campaign dashboard.

You can use the arrows to browse through the videos and the “Play” button to watch the videos directly in the campaigns dashboard.

By viewing the creator’s Insense profile

Inside the creator’s Insense profile you will be able to see all the videos they have uploaded to their portfolio categorized into video type (testimonial, unboxing, product demo etc.) and category (sports & fitness, fashion, pets etc.)

Social media posts and profile

In the creator’s Insense profile, you will also be able to see their latest and most popular social media posts.

You can also view the creator’s social media profile by clicking on their handle.

Insense Badges

You can also rely on the Insense Badges to give you further insights about the Creators that applied to your campaign. Below you can find a short description of each badge Creators can get and what they mean.

For UGC campaigns, you'll want to keep en eye out for Creators with a "UGC Expert" badge, hence these have previously shown good UGC creation skills.

The “UGC Expert” badge: This badge will be awarded to creators based on their ability to produce quality UGC. This will be a combination of the content seen on their creator portfolio, plus the content delivered by the creator on past collaborations on Insense.

The “Top Rated” badge: This badge is reserved for our most experienced creators who have consistently completed collaborations with a high rating from brands.

The “Highly Responsive” badge: This badge will help you identify which creators have a higher response rate, plus have a much higher chance of replying within 1 hour, based on data collected from this creator’s past collaborations on Insense.

The “Rising Talent” badge: This badge is awarded to up-and-coming new creators on the platform who have completed deals with a consistently high rating from brands.

Once you have found the right creators for your campaign, the next step is to start chatting with them to agree on the finer details of the collaboration.

You can read more about communicating with creators in our article “Chatting with creators”

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