UGC ad types: current top performers

Some examples of top performing concepts


One of the key elements to make your ad engage with the right audience is the type of video which is used to advertise the product.

Insense gives you the flexibility you need to do briefs for many different types of videos, but based on our experience, some of the best performing are:

  1. Product Reviews: Videos where users share their experiences and opinions about a product or service can be highly valuable for potential customers. Authentic and unbiased product reviews help build trust and influence purchase decisions.

  2. Unboxing and Demos: Unboxing videos, where users showcase the process of unpacking and exploring a new product, are popular. Demos or tutorials that highlight how to use a product effectively can also be engaging and informative.

  3. User Testimonials: Videos featuring satisfied customers expressing their positive experiences with a brand, product, or service can be powerful. Testimonials add social proof and credibility, influencing others to try or purchase.

  4. Challenges and Contests: UGC videos related to challenges or contests initiated by a brand can create a sense of excitement and participation. For example, fitness challenges, cooking contests, or creative challenges encourage users to create and share their videos.

  5. How-To Videos: Educational videos that provide step-by-step instructions or tutorials on a specific topic or skill can be highly valuable to viewers. How-to videos covering a wide range of subjects, from DIY projects to makeup tutorials, tend to perform well.

  6. Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of a brand, event, or product development process can be intriguing to users. It offers an exclusive look into the brand's operations, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity.

  7. Humorous or Entertaining Content: UGC videos that entertain, evoke laughter, or capture attention through creative storytelling can go viral and gain significant traction. Humor, creativity, and relatability often contribute to their success.

It's important to note that the performance of UGC videos can vary based on the target audience, platform, and brand's specific goals. Understanding your audience and their preferences is key to creating UGC videos that resonate and perform well.

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