Fully edited vs Raw footage

Deep dive into the differences between fully edited and raw footage


When working with creators, it's recommended to request both the fully edited version of the video and the raw footage.

Here are the key reasons:

  1. Limited post-production expertise: Creators often lack advanced editing skills, making it difficult to find someone who can match your desired video style and convey your message effectively.

  2. Increased variations: Requesting b-rolls for different elements like hooks or CTAs allows for more unique videos. By mixing them up, you can obtain 5-10 distinct videos, providing more options for testing and finding the right formula for your product.

  3. Building a creative library: Having more creative assets, including raw footage, enables you to create a library of content. This allows you to revisit and repurpose existing material, including the possibility of creating mash-up videos from b-rolls contributed by different creators.

  4. Differentiating organic content and ad creatives: Creators understand their audience and how to engage them, while you possess in-depth knowledge of your product and potential customers. Recognizing this distinction is crucial in creating effective content.

Insense, for example, offers the option to request edited videos and raw footage in the brief creation process. Many creators do not charge extra for providing raw footage, since they already utilize b-rolls for their own videos.

Ultimately, the key focus is on testing different approaches. By requesting both edited videos and raw footage, you open up numerous possibilities to achieve your goals and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

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