Brief for UGC vs Brief for Organic Posting

A closer look into the differences between UGC and Organic Posting briefs


Briefs for different types of campaigns need to be tailored accordingly.

For both UGC-only and organic posting campaigns, certain key elements should always be included:

  1. Campaign goal: Clearly define the purpose of the campaign and the desired outcomes, such as generating awareness or driving conversions.

  2. Product description: Provide a comprehensive overview of the advertised product, including reference links.

  3. Value proposition: Highlight the unique selling points and differentiating features of the product.

  4. Examples of similar content: Specify preferred video styles or aesthetics by including reference videos.

  5. Shooting specifications: Outline details like indoor/outdoor filming, inclusion of other people, clothing choices, and usage of filters.

For a UGC brief, in addition to the above, it should contain:

  1. Overall storyline: Clearly communicate the main concept and message to be conveyed in the video.

  2. Storyboard (script): Provide a shot-by-shot description of the video, including specific phrasing to be used by the creators.

  3. B-rolls: Request additional footage (raw clips) that can be repurposed for testing variations in creative assets.

  4. Hooks: Specify an attention-grabbing phrase or statement to start the video.

  5. CTAs: Clearly state the desired call to action and the phrasing based on the desired viewer response.

For an organic posting brief, while providing more creative freedom, the following should be included:

  1. Overall storyline: Clearly define the main idea and message of the video.

  2. General guidelines: Specify non-negotiable elements, such as dos and don'ts, inclusion of music (type), text overlay or voiceover.

  3. Desired CTA: Outline the desired call to action based on the campaign goal.

  4. Captions: Specify relevant tags, hashtags, links, or social media profiles to be included by the creator.

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