What is a Just Content (UGC) campaign?

Deep dive into the specifics of a Just Content campaign


If you are looking to source authentic, quality content from experience creators, one of the simplest ways to collaborate with them is through a "Just Content" campaign.

This is one of the types of campaigns you can choose from when creating a brief on Insense:

On these types of collaborations, the exchange between you and the creators you hire includes/excludes the following:

✔️ Getting user-generated content from creators

❌ Creators posting on their social media page

❌ Creators granting you access to their account to run paid ads

Finally, "Just Content" campaigns are great for many different use-cases, such as:

  • Testing different types of videos to achieve better results

  • Sourcing UGC for your website

  • Getting content for your brand's social media page

  • Repurposing content for paid ads

  • Creating new content using content from different creators (e.g. mashup video)

  • Building/scaling your library of:

    • Raw footage (b-rolls)

    • Edited videos

    • Images

How to launch a Just Content campaign?

We have prepared a detailed guide explaining all the steps to create a Just Content Campaign. Click the button below to access it:

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