Sample Brief - UGC Modular Content

Guide for modular briefs

Sample Brief

[Your Product here] UGC Creative Brief

Objectives for the content


  • 1 Product Review video (fully edited of 20 seconds), ~ 5 B-Rolls.

Content usage: This content is for UGC ads only, no posting is required. An ad will be run on Facebook and Instagram.

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product.

Campaign goal: Conversions (mid & bottom of the funnel oriented)

Brand Overview

  • Website:

  • Social: 

  • Brand: [Your brand here] is based in Windsor, Colorado. We distribute natural dog chews to independent pet stores, including treats like odor-free bully sticks, antlers, bones, tendons, tremenda chews, gullets, ears, trachea, and so much more!

  • Product: [Your product here]

  • Value prop: Probiotics are generally thought to be a digestive aid, and while it’s true they help with digestion, they also maintain a healthy microbiome, support the immune system, and promote the absorption of nutrients necessary for healthy functioning.

Shooting specifications:

  • Must film in good lighting.

  • Film all content vertically, in a 9:16 aspect ratio

  • Add an extra 1-3 seconds at the beginning and end of all raw clips

  • Please, turn off all ACs, fans, and other loud devices while filming

  • Use neutral and plain clothing.

  • Ensure your environment and video are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Use a clean, not distracting background

  • Please, do NOT use any filters or color grading to your submitted content

  • Don't wear anything too provocative or distracting

  • The presence of other brands in the video is not allowed – Avoid wearing clothes with logos

Additionally, we expect you as a creator to follow these instructions while shooting:

  • Personal stories: Share personal stories or experiences related to the product or service. Sharing personal narratives deepens audience engagement, making content more relatable and compelling.

  • Real Environments: Choose settings that mirror daily life. Whether it's a parent filming amidst school runs or a teacher in their classroom, authenticity shines through real-life scenarios.

  • Organic Expression: Embrace natural speech patterns, adding filler words or adjusting lines to make it sound more organic to their speaking style

  • Spontaneity: Capture moments as if they're unfolding naturally, like answering a sudden call or transitioning between tasks.

Create this video in 2 versions:

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Raw footage according to our shot list - no music, no text/effects

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Final edited version by you, where you can use your creativity and edit with music, text overlays, and effects. For the final version, we hope to have a TikTok-style type of edit (TikTok fonts, fast-paced videos, transitions, and a great hook at the start).


Visual reference


Product review 

20 seconds

Hook variations:

  1. My vet revealed his top tip for digestive health support

  2. Bark goodbye to digestive issues

  3. ONE simple hack every dog needs to live a tail-wagging life!

  4. My #1 secret to avoiding the vet!

  5. Never ignore your dog’s itchy ears!

  6. This has seriously helped (dog’s name) my dog’s digestive tract!

Suggested talking points:

  • All Natural, safe & vet vet-formulated dietary supplement

  • Easy-to-digest chewable bites

  • Helps combat symptoms related to gut health

  • Uses only the highest-grade ingredients, and it’s grain-free!

  • This delicious chew is an effective way to support your pup’s Inulin (prebiotic)

  • Proprietary blend of 7 unique probiotic strains that were researched extensively and found to be naturally occurring in wild wolf species.

  • Make a comparison with competitor product

B-Rolls of showing the dog

  • 4 clips minimum

  • Show the dog doing one or more of the following:

    • licking

    • chewing

    • itching

    • scratching

    • head shaking

    • pooping (or just in the pooping position - no need to show the poo)!!! Or doing the poop dance! (you know what we mean!)

    • eating grass or weeds

    • excessive shedding (shows signs of physical stress)

    • dry & flaky skin (skin reflects the state of your inside organs)

    • Perhaps allow the dog to sniff, lick, or catch chew in the air!

    • Show dog wagging his/her tail or in a generally happy mood

    • Show dog happily living his/her BEST life!

    • Running

    • Jumping

B-Rolls of unboxing 

  • 2 clips minimum

  • Show unboxing

  • Show/Open the container

CTA Variations

Provide two CTA variations about the angle:

  1. A supplement a day keeps the vet away! - Visit

  2. Start your happy & healthy pup journey with Natural Dog Company!

  3. I’ve seen a MAJOR change in my dog! He/she is like a puppy again! …Visit

  4. Start supporting your pup’s gut health today and visit

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