How to set up a Just Content (UGC) campaign on Insense

Deep dive into the specifics of setting up a Just Content campaign


Looking to source quality UGC which your marketing team can repurpose and use beyond social media ads or for creative testing? Then you’ll want to run a Just Content campaign.

Setting up a Just Content campaign

Select “Just Content” under Campaign Type.

Choose how many Creators you would like to hire, and your price range.

For guidance on how much to pay creators, check out our articles:

Choose the creators you would like to work with.

When running a Just Content campaign, it is more important to focus on a creator’s portfolio of previous work and their camera presence rather than audience, following and engagement filters.

Here are some guides to help you select the right creators for your use case:

Add your content requirements.

For Just Content campaigns, we recommend always selecting “Ready to use Ad + Raw footage” for the content format. This will help build your content library and provide you with assets you can repurpose in the future.

And finally, add your script to the "What should creators do" section.

Once you have finished filling out the brief, you can send it to review. Our team will check everything is ok and set it live, or reach out to you if any adjustments need to be made.

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