Who owns the content created on Insense and how can they use it?


User-generated content is owned by the person who created it. If you as a brand would like to use the content, you have to gain the content usage rights. Content usage rights define who owns the content and where it can be used, they are essentially permission to use a piece of work created by someone else.

While creators retain the full rights to the content they produce on Insense, by agreeing to our Terms of Service when signing up to the platform they agree to grant full digital rights to the brand sponsoring the campaign.

Once content has been approved and the creator has been paid, brands are granted perpetual digital rights to copy, display, share, upload, distribute, store, modify, create derivative works of and use the content on all digital marketing channels, which include but are not limited to:

  • Social media

  • Websites

  • Digital newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Email marketing

Note: In the case of agencies, these rights are also granted to the agency's clients.

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