How to do creative research

Easy steps to follow to do creative research


Creative research is a crucial aspect of marketing and advertising, as it involves discovering successful strategies and techniques employed by other brands and companies. By understanding what works for others, you can gain insights and inspiration to improve your own creative efforts.

The following points elaborate on the recommended steps for effective creative research:

  1. Top Performing Ads: One way to identify successful creative approaches is by analyzing the top 5 performing ads in the last 30 days. This analysis can be conducted using the creative libraries of platforms like TikTok and Meta (formerly Facebook). By studying these high-performing ads, you can gain an understanding of the messaging, imagery, and thumbnails used to capture the audience's attention.

  2. Hook & Hold Rate Analysis: Alongside examining the top-performing ads, it is important to conduct a hook and hold rate analysis. This analysis helps you understand how the ad content engages and retains viewers. By studying the elements that grab attention and keep the audience interested, such as the hook in the opening moments, you can learn valuable lessons for crafting compelling content.

  3. Competitor Analysis: Another essential aspect of creative research is analyzing your competition. This involves studying your competitors' creative strategies to better understand how they approach their target audience. By exploring their ad libraries, you can identify patterns and trends in their messaging, design choices, and overall creative direction. Additionally, examining their social media presence provides insights into their communication style and how they engage with (potential) customers.

  4. TrustPilot/Amazon Reviews: To gain further insights into what works for your competitors, checking customer reviews on platforms like TrustPilot and Amazon can be valuable. Reviews can reveal customers' experiences, preferences, and opinions about your competitors' products or services. This information can help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas where your competition has found success.

By combining these research methods, you can build a comprehensive understanding of successful creative approaches employed by other brands and companies.

This knowledge can inform and inspire your own creative strategies, allowing you to develop compelling content that resonates with your target audience. However, it's important to adapt and tailor these insights to your specific brand and audience, ensuring that your creative efforts are unique and aligned with your brand's values and objectives.

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