How to create authentic UGC reaching your audience

Tips to create performing content

‘Creative is your targeting’

  1. Demographic Representation: Ensure that your chosen demographic is visibly featured in the creative, considering age, ethnicity, location, and overall ambiance to guarantee that your message resonates with the right individuals.

  2. Targeted Hooks: Directly address your target audience in the hook, e.g., 'Hey College Students' or 'Curly Hair Care Tips Just For You' to effectively connect with these specific groups.

  3. Customer Language: Leverage the language of your customers. Dive into their expressions, acknowledging their challenges, triggers, and aspirations for an improved life. A valuable tip is to incorporate phrases taken from their testimonials to authentically capture their sentiments.

5 tips on how to make UGC authentic

  1. User Reviews: Value feedback as invaluable insights. Integrate real user reviews into your creative brief guidelines, adding both credibility and audience trust.

  2. Personal stories: Ask creators to share personal stories or experiences related to the product or service. Sharing personal narratives deepens audience engagement, making content more relatable and compelling.

  3. Real Environments:Choose settings that mirror daily life. Whether it's a parent filming amidst school runs or a teacher in their classroom, authenticity shines through real-life scenarios.

  4. Organic Expression: Encourage creators to embrace natural speech patterns, adding filler words or adjusting lines to make it sound more organic to their speaking style

  5. Spontaneity: Guide creators to capture moments as if they're unfolding naturally, like answering a sudden call or transitioning between tasks.

Strategies for Effective Creative Testing

  • Run 3–5 ads within each Ad set

  • Allow at least 7 days before shutting down underperforming creatives

  • Tailor the testing period (ranging from 7 to 30 days) in line with your marketing budget

  • When a creative works, improve and iterate

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