How to set up an Influencer Posts campaign on Insense

Deep dive into the specifics of setting up an Influencer Posts campaign

Attention: This article is aimed for users who signed up on Insense after July 1st, 2024. If you signed up before this date, please refer to this article instead.


Influencer Posts campaigns are a great way to generate brand awareness and improve conversions. To do this, you will leverage a creator’s audience by having them post on their social channels.

Setting up an Influencer Posts campaign

Select "Awareness & Reach" under Campaign Goal, and “Influencer Posts" as the Strategy.

Choose the platform you would like the creator to post the content on.

Choose how many Creators you would like to hire, and your price range.

For guidance on how much to pay creators, check out our articles:

Choose if you'd like to include Influencer commissions, and if so, specify the rate of the commission

Describe your product in details and provide a URL for it

Choose the creators you would like to work with.

To get the best results for your Organic Posting campaign, it is important to select the location and gender of the audience you are targeting.

Make sure to fill out the filters highlighted in green for a better matching

Add your content requirements.

And finally, add your script to the "What should creators do" section.

As creators tend to know the type of content their audience best engages with, we would recommend allowing for a little more creative freedom within your script for Organic Posting campaigns.

This article gives more insights about this topic: Creative freedom vs Detailed brief

Once you have finished filling out the brief, you can send it to review. Our team will check everything is ok and set it live, or reach out to you if any adjustments need to be made.

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