Sample Brief - UGC with a Script

Sample Brief

[Your Product] UGC with a Script Creative Brief

Objectives for the content


  • 1 Raw 60-second Testimonial video ~ 10 B-Rolls + 4 CTAs

Content usage: This content is for UGC ads only, no posting required. An ad will be run on Facebook and Instagram.

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product.

Campaign goal: Conversions - Bottom of the funnel

Brand overview

  • Website:

  • Social:

  • Brand:

  • Product: This natural treatment mask features a super-dose of vitamin C, turmeric, aloe vera, desert lime, and kakadu plum to detoxify pores and fade hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and acne scarring. Leaving your skin utterly radiant in only 10 minutes.

  • Value props:

500,000+ Customers


Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free

For All Skin Types

Dermatologist Recommended

FREE Applicator Brush Included

The Ask

We want an amazing, engaging, upbeat ugc video of our Vitamin C claymask. Natural lighting, and social media framing is a must. Lots of b-roll and jumpcuts while using the script for a voiceover. Please watch all examples.

Creator must be sure to: (to avoid re-filming)

Do #1: Show and use the mask

Do #2: Sound authentic and organic when reading the script

Do #3: Show before and after shots of skin

Do #4: Lots of fun, upbeat, and creative b-roll of product + using product.

Shooting specifications:

  • Personal stories: Share personal stories or experiences related to the product or service. Sharing personal narratives deepens audience engagement, making content more relatable and compelling.

  • Real Environments: Choose settings that mirror daily life. Whether it's a parent filming amidst school runs or a teacher in their classroom, authenticity shines through real-life scenarios.

  • Organic Expression: Embrace natural speech patterns, adding filler words or adjusting lines to make it sound more organic to their speaking style

  • Spontaneity: Capture moments as if they're unfolding naturally, like answering a sudden call or transitioning between tasks.

  • Must film in good lighting.

  • Film all content vertically, in a 9:16 aspect ratio

  • Add an extra 1-3 seconds in the beginning and end of all raw clips

  • Please, turn off all ACs, fans, and other loud devices while filming

  • Use neutral and plain clothing.

  • Ensure your environment and video are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Use a clean, not distracting background

  • Please, do NOT use any filters or color grading to your submitted content

  • Don't wear anything too provocative or distracting

  • The presence of other brands in the video is not allowed – Avoid wearing clothes with logos


Visual reference




60 seconds

This right here has given over 500,000 people the elusive “barefaced glow”

Let me explain–

The superfood ingredients packed into this all-natural mask will reduce breakouts, fade acne scars, and absolutely melt dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

It contains a megadose of Vitamin C, and gets boosted by a blend of Australian superfruits, proprietary to Gleamin.

It can solve any hyperpigmentation issue, giving you a brighter, more even complexion.

See the results for yourself.

Gol to our website now to start glowing your skin with a special discounted price, 40% off


  • Skin before & After

  • Close up of any pigmentation or acne scars

  • Product application looking at mirror

  • Show how the product fits in your beauty routine or daily life

  • Show product texture in the packaging and on your skin, you can use your hand to show an up-close of the product

  • Shots in the bathroom or in your vanity table

  • Shots putting the product in and out of your cosmetic bag, it blends with your other products but stands out

B-Rolls of unboxing

  • Show unboxing

  • Show/Open the container

CTA Variations

Provide the following CTA variations:

  • Swipe to try it out yourself!

  • Click below to order!

  • You have to check this out for yourself!

  • This totally improved my skin and can do the same for you!

  • Try this and never have to pay for a [product] again

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