How Insense Works

Let us walk you through our platform and show you how to set up your campaigns.

Insense is the all-in-one platform for scaling UGC, micro-influencer collaborations and smooth creator licensing campaigns.

Through the platform, UGC creators + micro-influencers apply directly to your campaigns, but you can also use the creator marketplace to search for creators and invite them to apply.

Log In

To get started collaborating with creators, the first thing you want to do is sign up or log in to the platform.

The Creative Brief

The next step is to put together a creative brief for your creators. This brief provides them with the information they’ll need to know when creating the content and helps simplify the entire process, ensuring there are few to no edits, so you get the content on schedule.

How do you create a brief on Insense? Check out our detailed Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Brief

In general, a creative brief should at least provide the following:

  • Campaign goals: Do you want to achieve reach? Do you want conversions?;

  • Campaign type: Indicate whether you’re looking for Just content, Organic Posting, Creator Ads or Product Seeding;

  • Content format: Provide the specs for the content (video/image, aspect ratio, etc.);

  • Content type and messaging: Product review, testimonial, demo, tutorial, unboxing video, etc.;

  • What the creator should do: Point out any important features (video length, music/no music, natural light, background, etc.);

  • Key product features: Its benefits, what problem it solves, etc.;

  • Share examples and references: So the creator can visualize what you’re looking for. Make sure to provide several UGC examples;

  • Do’s and Don’ts: If there’s anything they can’t do or say, make sure to tell them (don’t mention a holiday/event like the Superbowl, don’t use filters, use natural lighting, etc.);

You’ll also want to select the creators you want to work with. You can do this using filters, there are several options available;

  • Location: The country or city the creator or its audience is located in.

  • Categories: The type of content the creator produces (e.g., Beauty & Care, Fashion, Kids & Parenting)

  • Gender: The creator's gender

  • Age: Here you can choose both the creator’s age and their audience’s.

  • Price: The average price the creator charges for content.

  • ER: The creator’s engagement rate on the chosen platform.

If you need any guidance while creating your brief, you can contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, and they will help you with the best strategies for creating an effective brief.

The Chat

Once your campaign is all set up and has been reviewed by our team, it will be set live, and you can begin communicating with creators. It’s very likely that the creators you choose to work with will have questions for you and vice versa. It’s all part of the process, and taking extra care of this step will ensure that you communicate your goals in the best way possible.

Insense’s chat feature makes it possible to communicate with creators directly. There’s no need for emails or any third party. This makes it incredibly simple to chat with creators. Here you can negotiate the price, agree on a deadline, send product shipping information and talk to the creator about all things related to the collaboration.

For tips on how to communicate with creators, check out our article on "Chatting with Creators"

Approving Content and Completing the Collaboration

Once you have agreed on a price, deadline and hired the creator, they will start working on the content. When the content is ready, they will upload it to the chat for your approval.

If the content is good to go, you can approve the content and ask the creator to post (if the campaign requires) or you can pay the creator and complete the collaboration.

For a more detailed description of the campaign process, different stages and features, you can check out our article about The Campaigns Dashboard

Now over to You!

Yes, it’s that easy to manage your campaigns on Insense! Looking for more information?

Check out all the Resources we have to help turn you into a marketing expert.

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