Adding and managing users in your account

How to easily add users to your Insense account

Adding users to your account

If you have available seats on your plan, you can invite teammates to your account using the following steps:

Important! Each user in your Insense account takes on one "User Seat" of your plan. You may buy extra "User Seats" as add-ons to your plan. More details here 

1 - Click on your initials in the top right-hand corner and select "Settings"

2 - Click on "Team", then on "Add more"

Here you can see the list of all current users in your account

2.1 - If you've reached the total user seats available on your plan, you'll be taken to your Plan Details page, where you can manage your add-ons and buy extra user seats

3. Click on "Copy link" and send the link to the teammate you'd like to add your account. Make sure that this person does not have an Insense account yet, so they can be added to your organization automatically

4 - The link will open a signup page where your teammate should add their email and password.

Once your teammate has created an account using the link you shared, they will automatically be added to your account and have access to all your campaigns and collaborations with creators.

Removing users of your account

To remove users from your account, it's necessary to reach out to our support team, and let them know the email of the user that should be removed, so they can complete the process on our end.

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