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How to manage your wallet on Insense


Managing your wallet is easier than you think! Anytime you need to see your current balance on the platform, the wallet icon in the top right corner will display it for you in real time:

Adding funds to your account

To top up your balance, you just need to click on it, then on "Top-up balance". If you already have one or more credit cards registered, it/they will be displayed as options:

If you want to enter a new card, you can click on “change” and enter the details for your new card. The process is still the same if you haven’t registered any credit cards previously:

Finally, you just need to choose the amount you would like to top up. You can choose one of our default amounts or click on “custom” to select one of your own.

In any case, the total will broken down, so you will be able to see how much will go into your wallet and how much will be taken as transaction fee:

Note: the minimum transaction amount on the platform is 50 USD.

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