Integrate UGC across your marketing funnel

Find out how to best use UGC at different funnel stages


To effectively guide your customers through their buying journey, your content strategy should be carefully crafted to encourage conversion.

Explore how to include UGC into each stage of the funnel and select the optimal content type for every step.

Awareness - Top of the Funnel: Let customers meet your brand

Add UGC to your Social Media channels and introduce new customers to your brand.

Our most successful clients are taking a 2-step approach:

  1. Collaborate with nano and micro influencers to post about your brand on their own social media

  2. Repurpose the content from the creators, do a little bit of post-production and post on your own social media channels.

UGC Content for Awareness:

  • Real User Review (get this type of content from Product Seeding)

  • Educational Content

  • Before & After videos

  • Problem & Solution

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Entertainment videos

  • Unboxing

  • Skits/Creator personality

  • Sharing the story of your brand foundation

Consideration - Middle of the funnel: Let customers learn more about your products

Add UGC to your Paid Media. When launching paid Ads, you will be able to create ad campaigns based on segments aligned with customer intentions.

At this stage of the funnel, UGC needs to cover more information about your products, address key questions, and highlight reasons to choose your product over competitors.


  • Request videos in modular content and try different iterations of the same Ad in your Ad campaigns

  • As leads may subscribe to newsletters at this stage, consider integrating UGC into your email marketing campaigns.

UGC Content for Consideration:

  • Product Comparison

  • Tutorial/Step-by-step guides

  • Hacks/Tips

  • Testimonials

  • Product Reviews

  • Easy to use Video

  • Problem & Solution

Conversions - Bottom of the funnel: Time for the purchase

At this stage, integrating UGC into your paid media is vital. You want to make sure that customers/leads see your social proofed ads when they are about to decide to buy. This approach can provide the extra encouragement they need and show some advantages on why they should do it now.


  • Leveraging Creator Licensing (or Whitelisting) is effective at this funnel stage. Customers are often more persuaded by content from an influencer's account rather than from an unfamiliar brand.

  • Repurpose the content on your website. Customers will be visiting your website and interacting with your brand. It’s also while on your website that they’ll likely make their final decision. By featuring UGC on your site, you enhance the likelihood of sealing the transaction.

UGC Content for Conversion:

  • Price Comparison

  • Product Comparison

  • Urgency Videos (Out of Stock, Limited Editions)

  • Limited Offers/ Discount videos

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