How to set up a Creator Ads campaign

Deep dive into the specifics of setting up a Creator Ads campaign


Creator Ads are a great way to harness a creator or influencer’s ability to promote your brand by running Partnership Ads and Spark Ads using their handles on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. This allows you to leverage their credibility so that potential customers feel more confident engaging with your ad.

To learn more about Partnership Ads and Spark Ads, you can read our detailed guides:

Setting up a Creator Ads campaign

To get started with a Creator Ads campaign, first select “Creator Ads” under Campaign Type.

Choose the platform you would like to run the Creator Ads on.

For Instagram / Facebook

For IG and FB, your Creator Ads campaign will be set as Partnership Ads, which is an improvement on our previous Creator Licensing feature (also known as “whitelisting”).

This allows you to connect to a creator’s handle directly through Insense, and it's not necessary to do any other adjustments for it while in the Brief page.

We have complete guides on Creating and Managing your Partnership Ads campaigns on Insense:

For TikTok

When it comes to TikTok, Creator Ads campaigns will work as TikTok Spark Ads, where the Creator must send you a code for the posted content, which you can then use on your TikTok Ads Manager to boost the post and turn it into, essentially, a paid ad.

For this, first you'll need to select, while in the brief, a duration for said connection, which can be 7, 30, 60 or 365 days.

We have a complete guide on Creating and Managing your TikTok Spark Ads campaigns on Insense:

Choose how many Creators you would like to hire, and your price range.

Choose the creators you would like to work with.

When selecting creators to partner with for Partnership Ads or Spark Ads campaigns, we recommend a creator that has an aesthetic that matches your brand, as well as the following minimum statistics to help you achieve the best results possible:



  • Real followers rate of 70%

  • Engagement rate of 2%



  • Real followers rate of 70%

  • Engagement rate of 6%

Here are some guides to help you select the right creators for your use case:

Add your content requirements.

And lastly, add your script to the “What should creators do” section.

When running Partnership Ads or Sparks Ads, you want to find a middle ground between having a detailed script for the creators to follow and giving them some space to add a bit of their personality and style to the content. This will help assure you get polished content that will appeal to the creator’s audience.

Regarding the topic, this article might give you some more insights: Creative freedom vs Detailed brief

Guides for Meta Partnership Ads

As the process for setting up a Creator Ads campaign is different on Meta and TikTok, we have detailed guides for both use cases, which you can use as reference when building your campaigns.

Guides for TikTok Spark Ads

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