List of previous collaborations

Deep dive into how to see the list of creators with whom you've previously collaborated with


Keeping track of collaborations is hard as it is. Have you ever worked with a creator that you loved so much that you want to work with them again, but now you can't find them amongst your campaigns? If this is your case or if you are simply looking for a place to track your past deals on the platform, this is for you.

We have released a feature which will display a list that has all of your past completed deals for every creator you've worked with.

Where can I access this list?

This list of previous collaborations is located on your Creators Dashboard. You can access it by clicking on the star icon on your left sidebar:

What information do I have on this list?

The "previous collaborations" tab will display the full list of creators you've closed at least one deal with.

This list will show the following information:

  1. Creator's handle and platform (e.g. Instagram or TikTok)

  2. Number of brands with whom you've collaborated with this creator

  3. Number of campaign on which you've collaborated with this creator

Additionally, you will be able to:

  1. Access the creator's profile (by clicking the "view profile button"):

  2. Check chats/collaborations with the creator (by clicking the "open chat" button and then selecting the deal chat which you want to revisit):

  3. Create a new collaboration/deal with the creator (by clicking the "start a new deal" button and choosing whether you want to create a new private campaign with this creator or add them to an existing one):

Finally, you can also refine your search by:

  1. Using the search bar to look for creators' handles:

  2. Filter the creators shown on the list based on your brands:

  3. Filter the creators shown on the list based on your campaigns:

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