Affiliate Campaign Brief Sample

Objectives for the content + deliverables

Objectives: We are looking for product enthusiasts to be the first users of our new Products to be launched. You will receive the products before anyone else has seen them. We look forward to an engaging video where you showcase the product and let your audience know that it will be soon launched. The main goal is to drive traffic to our website through a personalized link that you will receive from us, any sales generated from this link will grant you a 10% commission.

How the Affiliate System Works:

  1. Connect with us though Insense 

  2. Promote: Share your unique affiliate link on your platforms—social media, blogs, or websites.

  3. Earn: Receive a commission for every sale made through your link.

Payment Terms:

  • Commission Rate: Earn [30]% per sale.

  • Payout Schedule: Payments are made monthly, with a minimum threshold of [$ amount].

  • Tracking: Our system ensures accurate tracking and real-time reporting of your sales and commissions.

Consistency and Growth:

  • Reliable Payments: Expect timely and transparent payments every month.

  • Support and Resources: Access exclusive marketing materials and dedicated support to maximize your success.

  • Growth Opportunities: High-performing affiliates will receive increased commission rates and early access to new products.

Future Prospects for Creators:

  • Enhanced Earnings: With consistent promotion, watch your earnings grow significantly over time.

  • Exclusive Collaborations: Be the first to collaborate on special projects and campaigns.

  • Brand Partnership: Strengthen your brand by partnering with a reputable company.

Deliverables: 1 Launch announcement video

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product. 

Brand overview 

Website:  [Add your website here]

Social: [Add your socials here]

Brand:  [Add your brand description here]


We are a brand taking Skin products to the next level. (Your brand here) is focusing on increasing the elasticity and moisture of skin to boost skin vitality. (Your brand here) also helps in hair growth and hair regeneration, as well as enhances the growth of nails.

Value props

[Add here your value prop]


# Each capsule is manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) under a strictly controlled environment to ensure consistency in quality.

# Top Quality: Made in the USA and Naturally sourced, (Your product here) is natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

#New solution to revitalizing skin through collagen

#Visible glow in only 1 week of use

Campaign specifications

[Add here instructions]


1. Create Your Video: Record a video that introduces (your product here) and explains why you love this product.

2. Highlight Key Features: In your video, make sure to highlight the key features and benefits of (Your product here) that resonate with you.

3. Share Your Affiliate Link: Use your unique provided affiliate link to direct viewers to our website

4. Earn Commissions: Whenever viewers make a purchase through your affiliate link, you'll earn commissions on those orders.



Here are some concepts you can try:

- My new secret to glowing skin

- I just tested this product first hand and here is the scoop

- POV: I was the first to test this product 

- These capsules made me stop spending money on cosmetics

Call to action


Tell your audience to go the Link in the caption of the video to unlock a 30% Discount on the first purchase + 1 free product 

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