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Sample Brief

[Your Product] TikTok Shop Brief Example 


Welcome to our TikTok Shop Campaign

  • We want you to create a compelling video designed for the TikTok audience. Showcase your favorite product and encourage viewers to want one.


  • Your video has to be a shoppable video, and you will earn commissions once your audience clicks on the video Link to go to the product page.

How can you post on TikTok a short Shoppable video?


To participate, it's EASY and SIMPLE:


1. First, you need to create an account on TikTok Shop by meeting the requirements (5,000+ followers and 18+ years old), agreeing to the terms and conditions, and adding your bank information to create your commission account. You can sign up at this link below or from your phone:


2. Then you can start searching for affiliate products through the Affiliate Marketplace, and adding them to your SHOWCASE. For this campaign, you will need to find our TikTok shop on TikTok: Everlasting_Comfort and choose your product from there.


You can choose one of the below products:


- Product name 1

- Product name 2

- Product name 3


You will need to add one of the above products to your SHOWCASE in order to add it as a Link to your video later.


3. The next step is to start creating content, either short video or Lives, and adding the product links before posting them. By linking them, viewers will be able to click on them directly when watching your videos and buying them without even leaving the app.


As you start generating sales, you will have several analytical tools and insights to rely on and learn what tends to perform best with your audience.


What is expected from your video:

In-feed/Shoppable video

  • Display the versatility and key features of your chosen products. This can help your product speak for itself by making it the main character of your video's story!


  • Demonstrate in your video if your product solves a unique problem or need.

    Showcase how your product can be used regularly in daily life.


  • Film a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your product! It can be powerful to show the before and after results to stimulate the curiosity of viewers.


  • TikTok videos should include storytelling, royalty-free background music, transitions, and text overlay.


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