Brief Sample – Product Seeding w/ Content guidance

Objectives for the content + deliverables

Objectives: We invite you to showcase how [your product here] becomes a seamless part of your daily life through an authentic video. This can include how you incorporate trends or activities that resonate with your audience while subtly integrating the product.

Deliverables: 1 Product Review video

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product. 

Note: We can also come up with a system that will allow you to post multiple videos over a couple of weeks (if you are interested!). Feel free to bring your creative ideas to the table.

Brand overview 

Website: [put your website here] 

Social: [put our Socials here] 

Brand:  [Add here information about your brand, remember ] 


We're passionate about developing unique and super effective Products that truly make a difference to your life. Our brand has been in business since 2009 and we take pride in making people's lives better. A partnership with our brand opens the door to long term collaborations, we embrace creators/influencers looking to represent our brand and products consistently.

Product:  [Describe your product, starting with value prop and brand vision] 


You'll receive ONE of our (your Brand here), thoughtfully chosen to match your preferences and lifestyle. We will tell you in the chat which product you will be sent, and here are the products we offer: Product 1, Product 2, product 3, Product 4 

What's unique about the product:

[Add your value props here]


#40K Reviews on Amazon

#Visible Hair growth within 3 weeks

#All natural ingredients 

Shooting specifications

  • Must film in good lighting.

  • Use neutral and plain clothing. 

  • Ensure your environment and video are aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Use a clean, not distracting background

  • Please make sure that the product's packaging is face forward so that the label is properly and clearly seen. 

  • Make sure the video has no distracting noise


[Provide here content guidance/creative direction for your creators]

Example 1: Here are some concepts you can try:- My hair routine in 3 steps

- Your shortcut to hair growth 

- My AM and PM Hair Care Routine

- How I Deal with Hair Loss

- My Secret to Healthy, Happy Hair 

Example 2:

The magic lies in authenticity. We're not looking for scripted content or blatant advertisements. Instead, we want your video to resonate with your followers by reflecting genuine experiences and showing how [Your product here] enhances your hair care routine. If you deal with hair loss or thinning hair, please emphasize that in the video and show how [Your product here] has helped you!

Call to action

Tell your audience to follow our Instagram account and show the account on the video screen @yourbrandhere

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