Best practices for faster content turnaround

Follow our best practices for sourcing content faster and assuring a better content output

Tip #1: Efficient Matching with the Right Creators

  • Detailed Briefs: Provide comprehensive creative briefs for clear communication. Explore brief samples like UGC for Paid Brief, Pay Per Organic Post Brief, Whitelisting Brief.

  • Video References: Include video examples to set clear content expectations.

  • Competitive Price: Use fair pricing to attract suitable creators. For compensation guidance, read here

  • Screening questions: our brief allows you to add a question to which the creator will respond as the first message to you. This feature can save you tons of time, see below some examples of questions:

    • Based on our brief, which concept or hook would you like the shoot if accepted for the campaign?

    • Are you currently experiencing Acne?

    • Do you have children below 5 years old?

Read more here:

  • Use Basic and Advanced Brief Filters: Leverage Insense's basic and advanced brief filters for precise creator and audience matching. Learn about filter optimization here.

    • If your campaign requires creators to post on their social accounts, always choose audience filters such as audience location, gender and age. 

    • Make sure to add a location filter for your creators. If your campaign requires product shipping this is how you can make sure to get the applicants within your fulfillment  

Tip #2: Fast Screening and Hiring Process 

  • Prompt Campaign Review: Check your campaign within two days of launch to engage with interested creators and avoid unresponsive ones. 

  • Badge System for Quality Selection: Once creators have applied to your campaigns, use our badge system to identify top influencers, such as UGC Experts or Top Rated creators.

Tip #3: Streamlined Communication with Creators 

  • Template-Based Messaging: Use a standard template for initial communications with creators. For example:

We like your profile and would like to move forward.

Next steps: We need a 60 second video from you with: 4 Hooks, 4 USps, 2 CTAS and 9 B-rolls. 

Have you fully understood the brief and agree to the deliverables? 

You can find the CONCEPTS in the brief:(add here a link to a more detailed brief, such as a Notion page, Google document or a PDF file) 

We’re going to send you the product. Could you please let me know once you receive it?

  • Draft Submission: Ask creators to submit their drafts gradually rather than all at once. This approach allows you to identify early on if the content will need revisions.

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