Suggested filters on the brief creation page

How to set up filters for creators in your campaign brief


One of the most important parts of creating your brief is being able to translate your requirements for the profiles of creators you're looking to work with, and on the other hand, figuring out what are some of the standards that other brands use to be able to find the best creators, specially for campaigns that involve targeting a specific audience as well.

These latest releases have focused on what's important on that front: simplifying the way you work with the existing filters, and helping find the right balance when working with a creator's audience.

Suggested Filters

We've added this feature to help you find creators with good audiences much easier. For this, we have gathered information we have on thousands of campaigns that have been launched on Insense to determine what are the standard audience filters that should be used for both Instagram and TikTok campaigns for them to be successful.

The recommended filters to use in your campaign will be highlighted, according to your campaign type and platform, and some of it will be pre-filled with market standards metrics.

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