Organic Posting Results

How to track the Results of Creator's posts for Organic Posting campaigns


Our Organic Posting Results feature focuses on giving you an extra edge when it comes to analyzing your success on your organic posting campaigns.

Organic Posting Results will allow you to: 

  • Monitor key metrics of your publications - from views, reach, and impressions, to audience demographics and CPM.

  • Compile data from all placement types across Meta and TikTok to create detailed reports.

  • Export these insights into a CSV report, making it easy to share your campaign's progress with your team or clients.

How to get organic posting results for your campaign?

In summary, to be able to get posting results for an organic posting or creator ads campaign, make sure to:

  1. Select either Organic Posting or Creator Ads under Campaign Type;

  2. Select "Results" under Creative Assets;

  3. Choose and hire the selected Creators as usual;

  4. Ask the Creator to send the link for the post in the Insense Chat.

Let's dive deeper into each of these.

1 | Select either Organic Posting or Creator Ads under Campaign Type

The first step is to set up and launch a campaign where posting is required. Remember that you do this by selecting either “Organic Posting” or “Creator Ads” under “Campaign Type”:

You can find more information about these campaign types in these articles:

2 | Select "Posting" under Creative Assets;

When describing the creative assets for your campaign, make sure that you select “Posting” on the creatives you want the creator to post:

3 | Choose and hire the selected Creators as usual;

After your campaign is submitted and launched, you can work on your screening/hiring process as usual. We recommend checking the creators’ Insense profile to see their stats like number of followers, engagement rate, views, etc.:

4 | Ask the Creator to send the link for the post in the Insense Chat.

After the collaboration has ended and the creator delivered the content and posted it, they will have to send the link of the publication via the Insense chat so that the platform can register that as the post and track its results:

For more details about the chat feature, please take a look at this guide: The Chat

Finding the Results

Once all those steps are done, all you have to do is go to the “Results” tab on your campaign dashboard and see the results of all the posts for that campaign:

Once you are here, you will be able to see different statistics depending on the platform the content was posted:

  • For Instagram:

    • Stories: Impressions and reach

    • Feed: Impressions, reach and engagement rate

    • Reels: Plays, reach and engagement rate

  • For TikTok:

    • Views and engagement rate

However, you can click on “download stats” to get a more complete CSV file with more stats about each post, such as:

  • Number of followers

  • Follower demographics (gender and age)

  • Date of the publication

  • Likes, comments and shares

  • CPE and CPM

Finally, if you click on the three dots at the top right of each result card, you will have the options to see the post directly on Instagram or TikTok (depending on where it was posted), open the chat with the creator and download the video:

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