What is a Product Seeding campaign?

Deep dive into the specifics of a Product Seeding campaign


Product Seeding campaigns, also known as seeding programs or influencer seeding, are marketing strategies used by companies to introduce and promote their products to a targeted audience through the distribution of free or discounted products. The goal of these campaigns is to generate buzz and create brand awareness.


Some of the benefits of using Insense for Product Seeding campaigns are:

  1. Discover and get matched with professional influencers.

  2. Streamlined communication at scale for all your collaborations.

  3. Get ready-to-use authentic content that will engage with many audiences.

  4. Build long-term relationships with the influencers that have the best performance.

On top of that, these creators might also consider generating content for you if they liked the product and also post in on their social media, which can also mean:

  1. Word of mouth marketing from creators talking about your product to their audience.

  2. Improve the reach of your product by leveraging the existing audience of all the creators that decide to post on their social media.

  3. Engaging with your potential audience/customer base, through likes, shares and any other means of interaction.

  4. Tracking results of this engagement through metrics such as engagement rates, views, conversions, etc.

Overall, product seeding campaigns are a good way to amplify the impact of your product on social media, especially when it comes to new product launches, as they help in generating momentum and awareness.

If you would like to learn more about how Product Seeding campaigns work in practice, check this case study from our client GoPure.

How to launch a Product Seeding campaign

We have prepared a detailed guide explaining all the steps to launch a Product Seeding Campaign. Click the button below to access it:

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