Best practices for Product Seeding Campaigns

Deep dive into what will make your Product Seeding campaigns better


  • Select your best-selling products

  • Choose to send product bundles instead of individual items.

  • Send out attention-grabbing packaging to encourage creators to share and post


  • Provide comprehensive product information, highlighting key value proposition

Example of a compelling brief

"Good or bad, we want to hear it. Give your honest review of our products. We will be sending you a free bundle for you to test.

In a 30-60 second video, give your honest review on the online shopping experience through the shipping, the packaging, the product quality, the mood-changing effect of the product, and your overall impression of the [Brand name] Collection."


  • For creator filters, keep reach metrics like followers and views vague for traction, but prioritize categories, demographics, and location to align with your target audience.

  • Collaborate with at least 20 creators in your product seeding campaign; the no-obligation nature of reviews or postings makes a larger group beneficial for garnering engagement, reviews, and brand visibility.

  • Touch base via Insense chat after creators receive the product, ask for any feedback so far, and make them feel valued

  • Make your brand stand out by customizing creator packages: have their names printed, and write a thank you note.

  • Launch the product exclusively for the Seeding creators first


  • Provide audience discount codes as an incentive

  • Run your seeding campaigns on multiple platforms: IG and TT at the same time

  • Engaging is a must! If creators post, ensure to like, comment, and express gratitude.

  • Convert successful seeding collaborations with creators into long-term partnerships for UGC or influencer ads, leveraging their established resonance with your audience and content quality.

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