My Brands Page

A detailed look at the "Brands" page


Clicking on Brands on your left sidebar will take you to the "My Brands" page, where you can manage, edit, add and remove brands from your account.

Here you will find more information about the brands available for you. You can see the ones you’ve already created or create new ones if you have slots available.

Add a new brand to your account

You can add a new brand by clicking in the "New Brand" button and then filling in all the details.

Edit a brand

Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing brand:

Activate/Deactivate a brand

An active brand means it is available for creating campaigns under it, however an active brand will use a slot from your total active brands, which may vary depending on your plan.

You can activate or deactivate brands using the toggle.

❗️in order to deactivate a brand, all campaigns under that brand must first be closed

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