How to create Spark Ads on TikTok Ads Manager

Deep dive into how to create a Spark Ads campaign on your Ads Manager


Once you've set up your Creator Ads campaign on Insense, hired the Creators, and received from them the TikTok Spark Ads code, you are ready to set things up on your TikTok Ads Manager.

Step 1 | Apply for Spark Ad authorization in your TikTok Ads Manager

Once you’re logged into your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard, you’ll see 4 tabs at the top. Click “Assets” > and select “Creative”.

Select the “Spark Ad Posts” tab and click the “Apply for Authorization” button.

Copy the Spark Ads code sent from the creator into the text bar and click “Search”. A preview will appear in the box below, once it has, click “Confirm”.

Now the post is authorized and ready for you to use as a Spark Ad. If you’re not ready to launch the Ad immediately click “X”

After you close the pop-up, you will see that the video has appeared in the table in your Spark Ads tab.

Step 2 | Create your Spark Ad in TikTok Ads Manager

To turn the authorized video into a Spark Ad. Click on “Campaign” from the 4 tabs at the top.

In the Campaigns dashboard, click “Create”.

Choose the ad sets at the campaign and ad group level. Then choose “Spark Ads” next to “Create New”, and enter the name of the ad.

Then choose the identity of the TikTok account that you want the ad to run from (this is where you choose the Creator’s account).

  1. First, turn the toggle “On” to use a TikTok account to deliver Spark Ads.

  2. Then, from the dropdown menu, choose the Creator’s account.

Under the “Ad Details” section, choose “+ TikTok Post”. Then select the video by clicking the box in the top right corner (if the box is green, it’s been selected). Then click “Confirm”.

Choose the button for the CTA, then add the URL that the view will be taken to from the ad, then click “Submit”.

πŸ™Œ Done! Now you can easily set up & run Spark Ads campaigns.

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