What are TikTok Spark Ads?

Deep dive into the specifics of a Spark Ads campaign


Spark ads are a form of native ad format, which allows your business to leverage existing posts from your own account or organic posts made by creators, with their authorization.

These ads are the perfect middle ground between organic content and advertising, and the reason behind this is that their format and functionalities are combined with the TikTok style, so at first glance they won’t look like ads:

Without Spark Ads

Spark Ads Enabled


Some of the main benefits of using TikTok Spark Ads are:

  1. Helps brands build trust by leveraging organic content.

  2. Increased views, CRV and CMP compared to ads without Spark Ads.

  3. It supports regular features like duet, stitch, stickers and music.

  4. Helps customers’ retention and loyalty and impact ROI.

  5. Helps maximize the potential of your brand by leveraging content that is already trending.

How to launch a Spark Ads campaign

Click the link below to access our detailed guide, which will help you create a Spark Ads campaign on Insense:

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