Screening Questions

How to set up screening questions in your campaign


Screening questions are one of the tools available that you can use to help identify creators you would like to work with in your campaigns. You can add up to 4 questions that will be mandatory for creators to respond before applying to your campaign.

Important! Do not use screening questions to relay important information. Any important information about the brief requirements should be added in the “Creative Assets” section.

Setting up Screening Questions

When creating a new brief, you will find the option to add a screening question in the “Creators” section of the brief, and you can add up yo 4 questions per brief.

Different Types of Answer

Under answer type, you can choose if the responses should be a simple Yes / No or an open text.

For "Yes / No" answers, you can select your preferred choice, and this will help you filter out creators who don't match your criteria and focus on the best matches.

Choose Your Preferred Answers

For the "Yes / No" type of answers we took it even one more step forward by allowing you to choose your preferred answer:

Where to Find the Responses

Once you have launched your campaign, each screening question and their respective answers will be shown on the Creators card in the list of applicants, and also as a separate message on the chat.

💡 Please note that for preferred answers, these will be marked with a green dot next to it if the creator's answer matches the preferred one or a red dot if it doesn't.

Filter applicants by screening question responses

It's possible to filter the list of applicants in a campaign by their responses to your screening questions, to swiftly find the best fits.

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