TikTok Brief Sample (Posting + Spark Ads) - Awareness

Objectives for the content  


  • 1 Tips and Hacks Video in raw format - 60 seconds

  • Same video edited by the creator  

  • B-rolls (specified in brief) 

Content usage: you will be required to post the video to your TikTok, at the same time we will edit the raw files and launch it as Spark Ads (using your handle). 

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product. 

Objective: Awareness

Brand overview 

  • Website: [Add your website here]

  • Social: [Add your socials here]

  • Brand: [Add information about your brand here]


All of our formulas are developed in-house with love and sass. We create products that are clinically tested on panels of real women of all different shapes, skin types, and levels of badass-ery

Mainstream skincare wasn’t giving our bodies the attention that they deserved. So we stepped in. We make results-driven products that have got you covered from boobs to booty.

A partnership with our brand opens the door to long term collaborations, we embrace creators/influencers looking to represent our brand and products consistently. 

  • Product: [Add your product name and description here]

  • Target Audience: Describe in detail who is your target audience

Key Messaging

[Explain what is the main message you want creators to convey]


Help your audience get their desired looks easily and efficiently, without the hassle of the usual process. At the same time, make sure to showcase our product in an engaging and fun way, highlight the texture and before & after results.

What's unique about the product:

[Add your value props here]

Long-lasting scent, amazing luxury packaging, 5K reviews in only 24 hours of its release

Shooting specifications

  • Must film in good lighting.

  • Film all content vertically, in a 9:16 aspect ratio 

  • Add an extra 1-3 seconds in the beginning and end of all raw clips 

  • Please, turn off all ACs, fans, and other loud devices while filming 

  • Use neutral and plain clothing. 

  • Ensure your environment and video are aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Use a clean, not distracting background

  • Please, do NOT use any filters or color grading to your submitted content 

  • For your edited version use: text overlay, royalty-free music and transitions


Tips & Hacks

Voice Over/Creator Speaking

Hi Babes! Tonight I am going to a party - and it's an opportunity to impress. Here is my little secret on how to show up at any event! This perfume is from Insense Beauty

Showcase the Product

Voice Over & Scene


VO: This is my secret weapon for big occasions. Out of all my fragrances, it is the most complimented.

Scene: at the dressing table, close-up shots of the product

About you

Creator Speaking

Tell the audience what is your relationship with fragrances, what fragrances do you like and how they make you feel

Key Message

Try it on

Demonstrate how to put it on

Introduce the key selling points - product smell
  1. Signature fragrance

  2. Perfume ingredients

  3. Top/heart/base notes

Voice Over & Scene

Create a voiceover for this portion of the video speaking directly to your audience, use your creativity and audience knowledge, we should approve the voiceover

When do you most often use the products?

How have these products impacted you and your occasions? 

Ex: made me feel more confident, more sexy, etc

Call to action

Voice Over

I'm ready for the party. Click the link below and follow me to smell good all day and night long

Leaving the house, Showing full body and then medium shot


List of shots

  • Product arriving at your house

  • Unboxing shot

  • Close-up of product in your dresser

  • Shot spraying the perfume in your skin

  • Shot of you smiling to the camera

  • Shot of you putting the perfume in your handbag

  • Shot of your hand opening the perfume lid

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