What are Partnership Ads? (Whitelisted Ads)

Deep dive into the specifics of a Whitelisted Ads campaign


Partnership Ads is an improvement on our previous Creator Licensing feature (also known as “whitelisting”) which allows you to connect to a creator’s handle directly through Insense to leverage their audience and lookalike audiences to improve results on your ads.

Main Benefits of Partnership Ads

  • Connect directly to Instagram: Meaning that the creator doesn’t need to have a Facebook page to be able to connect to your ads manager.

  • Connect with peace of mind: Without any concerns of technical issues or ad accounts being blocked or restricted by Meta.

  • Unlimited connections: You can now connect to any number of creators at the same time (the previous limit was 3–5 creators at the same time).

  • Showcase your brand even more: On every ad, besides the creator’s handle and the usual “sponsored” text, the name of your brand will also be displayed.

Creator Licensing VS Partnership Ads

Previous Creator Licensing

New Partnership Ads

Partnership Ads offer more functionality, while Creator Licensing (Whitelisting) presents integrity risks.

  1. INTEGRITY Leveraging the Partnership Ads product offers creators transparency and protection, and adheres to Meta branded content policies.

  2. CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT With Partnership Ads, creators have greater control over what content is turned into an ad and do not lose control of their audience.

  3. ENHANCED PERMISSIONS One permission to simplify the full branded content experience


Previous Creator Licensing

Partnership Ads

Accounts to connect

FB Pages are a ‘must’

IG Business Account is enough

Tech errors & possibility of blocking ad accounts by Meta




Creator Handle + Sponsored

Creator Handle + Brand Account + Sponsored


Up to 3-5 creator accounts to connect per day

Any amount creator handles to whitelist at the same time

Ad Placement

Instagram, Facebook

Instagram, Facebook

Dark posting



Upload edited creator creative



How to launch a Partnership Ads campaign

We have prepared a detailed guide explaining all the steps to create a Partnership Ads Campaign. Click the button below to access it:

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