How to create Whitelisted Ads on Meta Ads Manager

Deep dive into how to setup a Partnership Ads campaign on your Ads Manager


Once you have connected your Ads Manager to a Creator’s page, follow the steps below for creating an Ad using a creator’s page.

Please note that you are ready to run the ads if you:

  • Logged in to FB with your Personal Account

  • Have access to Business Account

From a Personal Account

Step 1 | Create a campaign

  • Go to your Ads Manager → ‘Create’ a new campaign:

Step 2 | Enable Partnership Ad

  • On the last stage, enable the Partnership Ad option using the toggle as seen below on your “Identity” page:

  • Then select Primary Identity → Click on ‘Show more options’:

  • Choose a creator you want to collaborate with:

  • When profile is added, you can see the connection → Click ‘Publish’

From a Business Account

Step 1 | Create a campaign

πŸ“£ Step 1 is the same as launching campaigns from personal account.

Step 2 | Go to your Facebook Ads Manager

  • Set up your identity → Choose creator’s Facebook Page, Instagram account, which would be the page of the brand you will be running the ads on:

πŸ™Œ Done! Now you can easily set up & run Partnership Ads campaigns.

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