[Your Product here] - Whitelisting Brief/Awareness

Objectives for the content + deliverables

Objectives: This content is going to be whitelisted from your account after you have posted it. The whitelisted version will be edited by our team.

Deliverables: 1 Review/Tutorial video, ~ 4 specified shots. Fully edited video 60 sec and the raw footage. 

Deadline: 5 days after receiving the product. 

Campaign goal: Awareness

Brand overview 

Website: [Your website here]

Social: [Your socials here]

Brand: [Your brand information here]


Creates an invisible shield to keep mosquitoes away. Made with essential oils.


- Made with Essential Oils

Our brand is looking for influencers to become the faces of our brand across TikTok and Instagram. This means that the most successful videos will be invited for further campaigns and ambassadorship collaborations. 

Product: [Your product here]

Value props: [Add here your value proposition]


- Suitable for Kids & Adults - When used as directed

- One Size Fits All - Fully Adjustable

- Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor

- Cruelty-Free and Vegan

- 30K Reviews on Amazon 

- 10 Individually Wrapped Bracelets

- Keep it Fresh - Each bracelet comes in a resealable bag

Collaboration requirements

Create this video in 2 versions:

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Raw footage according to our shot list - no music, no text/effects

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Final edited version by you, where you can use your creativity and edit with music, text overlays, effects. For the final version we hope to have a TikTok Style type of edit (TikTok fonts, fast-paced videos, with transitions and a great hook in the start).

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Here is the shot list for the raw, unedited video:




Hook: feel free to start with a Hook of your choice, here are some ideas:

πŸ”Š HOOK 1: Why you shouldn’t spray repellent all over your Kids

πŸ”Š HOOK 2:  How I protect my kids from mosquito bites safely and without 

Up to the creator

This is the most important portion of the video, make sure it's snappy 


Explain in your own words as if you were talking to a friend that the mosquito season is coming, what it means for children's safety and how toxic repellents can be.


You are taking your kid outside or getting ready to go out

Tell us about previous experience using repellent sprays and the challenges faced

Product demo/tutorial


Showing in an engaging, dynamic way how to wear the bracelet (transitions)

Show us how you wear the product. Please include a full shot of your face. Make sure product labels are visible. 

How does this product make you feel? 


Use the following script as inspiration, do not read line by line:

Because I have this! (shows bracelet). Cliganic’s Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is the way to keep mosquitoes away! It’s made with essential oils, is DEET FREE and it protects them from those nasty mosquito bites. (Creator speaks more on the benefits of the product, showing how it made her life better and how she feels now.) 


Show yourself and the kid in a peaceful walk in the park or similar situation, show sensations of comfort wearing the bracelet

Call to action


Tell the audience they can learn more about mosquito protection done differently by going to the website

Shooting Requirements

- Shoot the video in different angles: include ones of you and the product and the product alone

- Demonstrate the ease of using a product

- Show Genuine feelings of testing a product

- Be expressive



Product arriving at your house

Product unboxing

Putting bracelet in your kid

Opening and closing product

Getting product close to the camera and then pushed away (zoom in effect)

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