What is a Creator Ads campaign?

Deep dive into the specifics of a Creator Ads campaign


If you are looking to take your creative strategy to the next level, you need to leverage not only collaborating with the creator or having them post on their social media, but also having the capability to create ads of your own using their handle, this is called "Creator Ads".

This is one of the types of campaigns you can choose from when creating a brief on Insense:

On these types of collaborations, the exchange between you and the creators you hire includes/excludes the following:

✔️ Getting user-generated content from creators

✔️ Creators posting on their social media page - OPTIONAL

✔️ Creators granting you access to their account to run paid ads

Finally, "Creator Ads" campaigns are great for many different use-cases, such as:

  • Advertising your product in a more authentic and seamlessly way compared to traditional paid ads

  • Using the creator's audience to target lookalikes

  • Increasing ROAs and fully tracking stats

How to launch a Creator Ads campaign

We have prepared a detailed guide explaining all the steps to launch a Creator Ads Campaign. Click the button below to access it:

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